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Anxiety, the Menopause and Homeopathy

Over the summer I have had time to reflect on some of the people/patients I have met over the last year. I have treated many women of my own age, going through peri-menopause and reaching menopause.

While no two women’s peri-menopause or menopause will be the same, there are many symptoms that we often have in common – hot flushes, heavy periods, insomnia, drier skin and tiredness to name a few.

However during case taking, two of my recent patients, who came to me for treatment of allergies and a persistent cough, told me how they felt their confidence and personalities had changed since going through the menopause and in particular how much more anxious they felt – less inclined to try new things, less able to travel, catastrophising in their minds – terrible things that might befall their loved ones and wanting to stay closer to home.

Mental and emotional symptoms

People generally talk less about the mental and emotional symptoms of menopause but they can be just as incapacitating, inhibiting and tough to live with and sometimes hard to notice as they come on over time.

Homeopathic case taking

This is where the detailed case taking in homeopathy can be so beneficial as it asks questions of the whole person and enables the individual to articulate and reflect on all their symptoms and see links that might have been hidden.

This is what happened in both of these cases and while I treated the allergies and the cough I also discovered the patient’s constitutional remedy that in turn benefited them on all levels – mental, emotional and physical.

One felt her anxiety go, started saying ‘no’ to people, looking after herself more and worried less about others. The other, a successful professional woman, normally a risk taker, felt her anxiety lessen hugely, stopped worrying about her children and potential accidents that might befall her and her family. Both felt big boosts in their self-confidence and a much stronger sense of self.

So, I encourage women who feel they have lost themselves in the menopause, are worrying more than they ever did, weeping for seemingly no reason or curtailing their lives out of a new sense of fear to consider homeopathy. As it did for my patients detailed case taking including family history, likes/dislikes, sleep patterns, health history, mental and emotional characteristics can help treat a person on all levels.

Acute remedies

Below I list some homeopathic remedies that can be used for anyone (male or female) on an acute basis for anxiety, i.e. when fearful of an upcoming journey but I encourage any woman who is experiencing chronic anxiety symptoms during the menopause to consult a homeopath.


This remedy suits people who are mentally and physically very anxious. They feel excessively restless and need to change position very often while sleeping. They do everything at speed and have a great thirst with a desire to drink cold water.

Argentum Nitricum

Argentum Nitricum is a remedy for anticipatory anxiety. For example at menopause a woman might develop a fear of travelling to somewhere new when previously this had not been an issue. They may think constantly about the trip leading up to the day of travel. Diarrhoea may set in during the anxiety phase. Hurriedness and impatience, and weakness in the legs are other associated symptoms.

Calcarea Carb

This is a remedy for people who have a deep fear of an impending misfortune. Symptoms like palpitations, shuddering, and restlessness with anxiety, sweating and trembling, nausea and a fear of death and hopelessness indicate the need for this remedy. The anxiety tends to get worse at night.


The person needing Ignatia may have rapid mood changes from happiness to sadness with no apparent cause. There may be excessive weeping and a feeling of sadness and loneliness that cuts them off from other people, as they would prefer to be left alone.


Again the person needing this remedy will feel anxiety with depression. They will also avoid social interaction and have a desire to run away from the world. They may also have no interest in their usual daily routine and feel very lethargic.


The is person whose symptoms can be very changeable. Things shift and change and move around in their body. They can be highly anxious and openly emotional, weeping readily.


In this remedy as well as anxiety the person needing it might feel great irritation from the slightest thing accompanied by indifference to those they love. There can be depression with no desire to meet friends and no interest in daily activities.

Contact me

All these remedies can be tried on an acute basis at a 30c potency but for on-going chronic cases of anxiety please consult a homeopath. I am happy to chat about your menopause symptoms and talk further about homeopathy in general.

Please call on 07180 464527 or email at

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