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How homeopathy can help a colicky baby

Is your colicky baby keeping you awake, does their distress cause your stress levels to soar?

Homeopathy could be the answer

Your newborn may have been sleeping like an angel but then they wake up! This can be a real problem up to and around 16 weeks of age. At certain times in the day, or often in the evening they can be inconsolable if grappling with abdominal pain as their digestive system matures. I remember this with my own children and the relief a dose of the homeopathic remedy Colocynth bought.

You may have tried many things – massaging their tummies, winding them over your shoulder, adjusting your own diet if breastfeeding or a new teat for a bottle if they appear to be swallowing air. All these are excellent strategies but homeopathy is an additional and excellent tool that can treat the symptoms of colic in a natural, non-invasive way.

The mildly sweet pills, powders and liquids that homeopaths use are easy to dispense and more palatable than many conventional medicines. They are highly diluted, natural substances and are safe to use for the very young, including newborn babies. Homeopathy can also work fast with children because they are usually full of vitality.

So, here are some remedies to try:

  • Chamomila: your baby cries out while passing a stool, they are really angry and upset with the pain, they may have diarrhoea with green stools.

  • Colocynthis: your baby’s abdomen feels bloated, they may have diarrhoea and such severe pain they vomit. They will be better for lying on their tummy or having it rubbed and for doing a poo.

  • Dioscorea: your baby arches back and screams (opposite of colocynthis). They have a rumbly, windy abdomen and do not want to lie down and are better for being held upright.

  • Mag Mur: your baby can have constipation or diarrhoea and their colic is worse after having a feed.

  • Secale: colic caused by syntometrine after birth. Your baby’s abdomen can become bloated and tight like a drum. Your baby feels better with its nappy off.

Contact me

These are remedies you can try yourself but I am also happy to chat through your baby’s symptoms and talk further about how homeopathy can help your child through many childhood ailments. Please call on 07810 464527 or email at

Please do seek help from a GP if your baby’s colic persists after any kind of treatment - they scream inconsolably, they have persistent vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation or an absence of urine.

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